How Flexible Are You When Working with Retail Outlets?

Very flexible. We use fast setting products and can work outside of normal working hours if needed to complete the project with as little inconvenience to you and the public as possible.

Can You Work Around Us and Our Needs?

Yes, we are very flexible and there is nothing we cannot deal with.

Is Everything Safe and Compliant?

We constantly update our legislation knowledge to ensure we keep current and compliant with the latest health and safety regulations, including keeping up with the constantly changing Coronavirus situation.

Are You an Eco-Friendly Company?

Where possible, yes. We strive to be up to date with the latest eco friendly innovative products. We regularly recycle our waste materials and use products made from waste and recycling.

Will You Stick to the Budget?

We can work around any budget you have,  and we will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive quotation of the works required. We will not commence work until finalising the budget.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

Manufacturer guarantees apply to all our products. In other cases, we provide a one-year guarantee for the work carried out in your property.

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