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Tailoring all services to your business needs, we carry out refurbishment work in your commercial property and can work outside of normal working hours to ensure productivity is not affected. Attending to all aspects of the project, including Design, Surveying and Estimating. We provide a complete service from start to finish.


Taking the stress out of renovation projects, we work closely with you to transform the interior of your home. Whether you want to modernise your bathroom or carry out a full property renovation, our expert team are on hand to guide you through the process.

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As we all start to return to work, a review of your current building layout, furniture repositioning, boundaries and people navigation is probably underway. The materials that make up your working environment are also no doubt coming under scrutiny with a view to implementing changes to satisfy the emotional and physical needs of users, as well as the requirements of the Government and recommendations of The British Council.

As Employees start to return to the workplace, they need a safe environment, somewhere that feels as safe as home. As an Employer, cleaning and hygiene are top of the mind, especially in these unprecedented times. Not only your Staff, but also your Customers, and Visitors will need reassurance that your premises are clean and well maintained.

Materials and finishes should be selected to be easily cleaned: they should be hard, smooth and resistant to appropriate cleaning chemicals. Surfaces should be free from irregular features (nooks and crannies) that may harbour contamination.

At Calla Style Designs, we can offer a flooring and or wall total hygienic system solution to suit your needs, we can offer P22 NHS approved floors and walls this means that hygiene credentials meet the strictest requirements for infection control and critical care, whilst still retaining an aesthetically pleasing look. We can also provide demarkation zones, separate coloured area to define certain areas or direction for footfall of traffic to adhere to social distancing should that be the new normal in the future. There is an enormous range of hard floor LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) and safety flooring vinyls on the market to suit every need, as well as many types of wall protection systems that are easily cleanable and robust.

You may well currently have carpet/carpet tiles installed: these are usually made of materials such as nylon polypropylene or organic porous materials including wool and jute: all of these are highly absorbent and are designed to trap dust and dirt, therefore making cleaning more difficult. Some carpet tile manufacturers advise that pile soft carpet/carpet tiles can be cleaned at up to 50°C max, Viruses are killed at 56°C according to the US National library of medicine.

Carpets/carpet tiles are designed to be vacuumed and not cleaned daily with the detergent required to clean viruses. You cannot vacuum up bacteria and viruses. Having vacuumed, in order to kill any viruses, you need to wet clean the carpet with detergent at 56°C. This daily process is required because the virus remains active for 24 hours on this surface. Cleaning therefore becomes more costly in terms of time and money, while requiring a long time, possibly several hours to dry: this means your surface can remain damp for hours each day after cleaning providing the potential for yet more ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses. We know that this process is not a viable option in an every day workplace.

If you are concerned about the noise level changing from carpet to a hard floor we can provide an acoustic flooring that has the same db levels as that of a carpet, which averages 17-18db, so there’s no need to compromise on in-room sound and transmission of noise.

The World Health Organisation has proved that the Covid-19 virus will live for 72 hours on a hard surface, but with a daily mop and wipe down with detergent, areas are left clean and germ free without damaging the product, giving you a high quality floor or wall covering that will last for many years to come, making this a cost effective necessity for todays current climate.

We are a Specialist Flooring and Wall contracting Company, based in Ditchling Common with over 42 years in the flooring industry.